Top 100 Influencers of Affiliate Marketing: Two of them are working for advanced store

Top 100 Influencers of Affiliate Marketing: Two of them are working for advanced store

We have influencers! No, not influenza. But at advanced store people work who are among the opinion leaders in their industry. At least Markus Kellermann ( sees it that way. After all, as in 2015, he included our company founder Marc Majewski in the list of the top 100 influencers in affiliate marketing. Yvette Tilly from advanced store has also made it into the ranking. We asked Marc what he says about the award and what he sees as the secret of success in online marketing.

Being an affiliate influencer is fun

"Of course, I'm glad that I'm back with them, because 100 people are not very many people in this industry either, but most of them are people with whom we have been in exchange for years and who know and value each other at eye level," says Marc about his place in the ranking. And a big network is paying off: "With ad4mat we've grown in recent years only through our reputation with affiliate agencies, advertisers and affiliate networks, so the big network has always helped us to focus on our core business also growing with new customers."

New ways in the data business

The core business of advanced store does not even lie in Affiliate Marketing, as he goes on to explain: "The term 'Affiliate Marketing' is no longer up-to-date in our view - we see ourselves as online marketing experts in the field of performance display." Therefore, he does not want to overestimate his influence in affiliate marketing. "However, I think that with advanced store and ad4mat, we definitely have a big impact on the performance display business in Europe, standing for quality here and paving the way for 'pay per sale' in the area of ​​display, native ads and retargeting for advertisers pave. " The next major project is also in the starting blocks: "The next challenge for us is to achieve the same in the data business, at least we were able to convince the right people at EU level and already receive EU funding for our innovative data categorization approach. "

Exciting innovations for advertisers and publishers

And what else can we expect from advanced store? "At advanced store, we are just beginning our journey with our ad4mat and advanced audience products, and we've been working on the fundamentals of a completely new, connected technology for the last 1 ½ years. We also created the platform to bring even faster and more agile solutions to the market, helping us to reach our customers' goals and, more than ever, to take user interests into account. "

As an influencer you are also a role model for others who want to be successful in the field. That's why Marc of course has a few tips for all those who really want to get started in Affiliate Marketing: focus on the product, specialize and above all, deliver quality and full transparency - and of course remain flexible and agile to quickly response to changes in the market. Or as Marc Majewski puts it succinctly:

"There is nothing to lose if you perform well."


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