Summer, beach & good mood: The big advanced store reunion

Summer, beach & good mood: The big advanced store reunion

Sometimes you only realise how much something means when you suddenly don't have it anymore. Christmas parties, team outings, business events - everything that brings a team closer together outside of work and strengthens cohesion was no longer possible for a year and a half due to Corona. Due to the changeover to Mobile Flex Office and the access restrictions in the office, there was no longer any opportunity for all advanced store employees to meet at once. This made the (pre-)joy of the advanced store Summer Party in mid-August all the greater. 

At the lakeside resort of Friedrichshagen on Müggelsee, we took advantage of the now rare opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues of many years' standing and to get to know many new employees. Especially for the trainees, who have only been in the team since the beginning of August, the summer party was the ideal opportunity to meet their new colleagues in an informal atmosphere. We hadn't seen each other for so long, so there was a lot to talk about.

After some after some dared to use the SUP or dive into the water despite the cool temperatures, a delicious barbecue was waiting for everyone. But the social programme was probably secondary for most. It was clear that the most important thing about this afternoon and evening was the reunion with colleagues. No matter whether it was about work or private topics: Everyone was visibly happy to finally be face to face again and not just talk to each other via a screen.

Even though we communicated mainly virtually the next day, the summer party is still having an effect. And the anticipation for the next Christmas party or a joint team trip next year is all the greater! In any case, we very much hope that more face-to-face meetings will soon be possible again!

Watch the video of our summer party to get an impression of how much fun we had!


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