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As the interface between advertisers and publishers, we bring the needs of both sides in line with the growing demands of today's users. After all, in addition to good deals, what matters most is advertising material that is attractive both in how it looks and what it contains. For our Publisher Ads & Tools we therefore rely on an adaptable design, simple handling, Postview and the data-based control.

With our ad4mat tools, you can earn money online in a variety of ways as a publisher: Place our advertising material on your website, use affiliate links in newsletters or promote brands on your social media channels. Find the right solution for you on ad4mat.com!

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Turn your website into a goldmine

"With our publisher tools, things get really exciting for your website! Grab offers, earn commission from over 60,000 advertisers, integrate them with ease, and count on a team that always got your back. With ad4mat, you're not just spicing up your site, you're turning it into a goldmine."


100 % free of charge
Blocklisting possible
one tag solution
One Tag Solution
Premium conditions
responsive Design
Responsive design

Our publisher solutions

advanced ad

Flexible display ads for every format

With advanced ad we provide you with automated text-image banners. After the integration of a single advertising material code on your website, our system takes care of the optimised delivery of the advertising material, ensuring it is suitable for your target group as well as sector-specific or cross-industry. Get a tailor-made advertiser pool and choose between one or more advertisers that are played at the same time and in rotation!
Standard IAB & special formats
Automated optimisation
Multi- or single-advertiser
Data-based ad control
Sector-specific or cross-industry

compare ad

The interactive advertising medium with a comparison function

Our compare ad comparison calculator offers you an easy way to supplement your content with useful content and earn money in the process. The focus is clearly on added value for the user and low-profile advertising. The content is reduced to the most relevant facts to promote the click out, and the design and content can be individually customised for the website.
Supplementing the content
No maintenance effort
Responsive design
Customisable colours & content
Low-profile advertising
Credit cards
Current accounts

advanced API

Access to all advertisers via our API

Our advanced API gives you automatic access to all our advertisers and avoids lengthy application processes in the networks. Choose between JSON and CSV and adjust the returned data by parameters according to your needs.
Straightforward access to advertiser pool
Can be filtered by country
Only one end-point
Tracking-Links & Logo URLs
Login to all KPIs

How affiliate marketing works with us

Affiliate Marketing CPOaffiliate marketing cpo


After integrating the Ad Tag we have set up, your ads will be played. Now users who visit your site and scroll to the placement can view it.

Postview or click

Up to three advertisers are played simultaneously. If the user clicks on the ad, he is directly forwarded to the shop. Regardless of whether he clicks or not, as soon as the ad was in the user's visible area, a postview and retargeting cookie is set. This means that the actual sale can take place at a later date.


If a purchase is made via click or view, you are entitled to a commission, which is credited proportionally. You can view clicks, views and sales at any time in our publisher dashboard in the advanced suite.


After validation by the respective network, we will transfer your monthly commission proceeds from 50 € upwards to your deposited account.
Step 1
Fill out contact form
Choose a product or combine them as you wish and write to us using the contact form below!
Step 2
Login and advertising material received
We set up an account and login for our dashboard in the advanced suite and send you your advanced tag.

Step 3

Ad tag integration & start
Insert the advanced tag into your website and off you go. You will be paid your commission every month.


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