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With our cloud-based platform, we form the technological interface between advertisers and publishers and offer access to web, mobile, streaming & digital-out-of-home (DOOH). We have been bringing CPO-based solutions for the retail, travel, telco & finance sectors onto the market since 2008. With our knowledge of the requirements of both sides, we help large and small brands around the world to distribute and use their media budgets efficiently and transparently.
Marc Majewski

Focus on new customers: scalable & sustainable increase in sales via digital reach outside of GAFA *

"My team and I are convinced that digital marketing is only efficient if it reconciles the different goals of advertisers, publishers and users. That is why we rely on our own media platform and programmatic tools that form the basis for all of our solutions. On the other hand, the modular architecture of our platform enables the integration of any third-party technology. This is how we bundle the requirements of the various marketing worlds so that they benefit from each other."
Marc Majewski, cEO
*Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple 

Why advanced store?

Via our own cloud-based and AI-controlled media and marketing platform, as well as our creativity and experience in the field of programmatic advertising, we make our customers’ and brands’ desire for a powerful reach reality. Coupled with data-based advertising media control every product, every employee and every process is geared towards achieving maximum digital success for our customers and towards making display advertising easier and better.

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Thanks to the native ad solution of advanced store we managed to generate reliable traffic and rapid results for our e-shop in several European markets. Looking forward to develop our partnership further.
Gianni Vindimian, Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships Manager @foodspring
The partnership we have with advanced store is working perfectly for us. They successfully support our retargeting and prospecting strategies in all major European markets.
Edu Utges, Affiliate marketing manager @tenstickers

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